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Paragraf Essay Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Hai kawan-kawan, kali ini saya ingin membagi cerita saat memutuskan untuk menuntut ilmu jauh dari orang tua, atau biasa akrab kita menyebutnya sekolah di asrama. Cerita yang saya unggah ini cerita nyata yang benar-benar terjadi, namun sebenarnya lebih mengarah pada susunan paragraf essai. Akan tetapi, dalam bahasa Inggris. Karya essai ini sudah dikoreksi oleh Lecturer Mr. Scheel,jadi jangan khawatir apakah ini sudah memenuhi syarat atau belum. 

Sebelumnya kawan-kawan harus mengetahui terlebih dahulu bagian-bagian dari essai, yaitu :

  1. Introduction - The first paragraph of an essay containing the Hook, the thesis, and the Leads.
  2. Middle Paragraph - the 'body' paragraph, the paragraph that the essay is explained, details are introduced, and examples are given.
  3.  conclusion - the final paragraph of an essay

Go Abroad

My father is the best motivator in my life. When I found out, I could go to Boarding School, my dad said, 'Going abroad is the best way to be successful because you can be confident''. This advice always stayed with me. Coming to Boarding School changed my life.   First, leaving home was hard because I am an only child.  Second, living here away from my family is difficult. Third, being a part of Manta Ray House helped me to adjust.

My Wishes changed my life. I hope can be a success in the future. I should have sacrifices be achieving it, like a go abroad. Make sure myself to live far from my parents. I do not have sister or brother, so my home will feel quiet without me. My friends in my junior high school gathered in the same school, make me envy with them. I'm comfortable with my safety zone. I do not want it should leave-taking from my parents.

I think living in here is very hard. "Dormitory is Scary", my cousin always said like that. I should meet with spooky senior. But this is made me socialize. I should be independent, like washing my own clothes. Usually, in my home, my mother always washed my clothes. I also iron my own clothes. Not only dormitory work, I also have many tasks from my teacher and about my PEARSON WEB, always made me be confuse. Almost every night, I should sleep late, cause my Portal PEARSON have much practice. It's made me wake up late

I got a new family in here, all boarding school student, especially my roommates. They always with me when I have a problem. I'm not feet homesick during I'm living in here because I have sisters or brothers in here. I also have a family from my room. Every day, me, Ami, Febby and Desinta cleaning the room together. We always got a good score in Room Checking. This is maybe can make me be happy, but I'm beginning unhappy since my PEARSON ( American Online Course ) have a problem. I always got a bad score. English speaking also made me be confused too. I'm not confident when I talk with my friend or with my teacher.

I have tried to be grateful for everything. I am convinced that dorm life story will be a lesson for me. I believe I can be a sociable young. I will make my parents be proud of me. I should be always happy because I have Manta ray house, my big reason made me smile every day. I hope I can meet with my mother as soon as possible.

Nah, itu tadi adalah secuil gambaran dari essai dalam bahasa Inggris. Akan tetapi, namanya manusia pastinya tidak luput dari kesalahan, maka dari itu saya juga masih membutuhkan masukan dari kawan-kawan. Kita semua sama-sama masih belajar for the best, not the perfect one. Jikalau kawan-kawan menginginkan penjelasan yang lebih rinci, dipersilahkan untuk berkomentar di bawah ini atau pergi ke blogspot saya. 

My Personal Life




Talking about personal life was connected with our principle in their life to getting result of purpose in life, so what does your principle in this life? Before I tell you about them, I would like to share my principle in this life that ‘ Life is not to be praised, Death is not to be abused‘, as said in Siti Nurhaliza statement. This time, I would like to introduce my self. I covers  into four aspects such as Identify, Daily Activity, Parents and the last is my Community.

My full name is Tantri Yuliana,but  you can call me Tantri.  in friend site like facebook uses my popular name is Tantri Yosepa, and you can find it at my email is [email protected]. Why I uses the name is Tantri Yosepa not Tantri Yuliana at facebook because Tantri Yosepa is my child name from my aunt, his name late Alim. I was born on July 22nd 1990, so for this year my old is 21. And than, my born place at Tambah Dadi village , Purbolinggo East of Lampung. This place as my live until this moment with parents.  I want to change my village be a famous with my knowledge that I have at college. So, please help me to teach how the good government, value of human right, freedom and democracy based on my study in other country.

If you see my daily activity, You will feel shocked because I have experienced some accident while Pre elementary until in this University, I usually happen accidence on street. In Pre elementary or Play Group at TK ABA , I always went to school by foot, But once day when  I saw my mom come at my school made me happy and then I run out to hug her suddenly I fall in gutter and made my nose ache. For this school, I have an achievement makes me proud when I follow in draws competition, song competition and instructor gym every Friday at TK ABA. This achievement makes me support for Elementary school at SD 1 Tambah Dadi, I always motivate my self be a good students. I usually have the first rank in the class, and I active in boy scout and Baseball called ‘Rondes’.  In final test , I got the best value of this school. So, this result made me to continue study in junior high school at SMP 1 Purbolinggo, at Tanjung Inten village. I always went to school by bicycle because this location so far from my house around 12 Km. In this moment, I have chance to follow the competition of speech contest in English language at Raman Utara, and I have unforgettable moment when my score of English test at first grade in SMP is the best of six class. Next, when I am continue at SMA 1 Purbolinggo. I always went to school by motorcycle because this location like 15 Km from my house. In Third grade of this school, I got accident when my motorcycle broke on street and made my foot ache. But, It was not makes me give up to active in class. I chosen to follow the competition of UUD 1945 at Sribawono, and I active on theater and tradisional dance. I have a performance as a read of poem and Sigekh dance in graduate celebration , also an event of theater at Tegal Gondo village as a Pantomim in theme ‘ Kulo Namung Ke pingen Pentas’ in English, I just want to performance. And graduated from Senior high school, I choose the college like University Muhammadiyah of Metro in English Education until now. My scary moment, when I got accident with my friend on street makes me realized that God is creature of my life, so Study is one kind of praise and I must focus to get my ambition be a good teacher. Beside to finishing my study at University, my daily activity is same with another start from get up in the morning at five a.m., and than pray Subuh and continue with do their work like washing clothes, sweeping floor, washing plate and glass and breakfast. After that, do the activities in out of home until at six p.m., and back to home and take a bath than pray magrib also dinner. After I get energy , so I do finish my assignment with my laptop and before I am sleeping, I always pray isya. So, every time in my life is more important, just a few time to take a rest. It is to realize my future as a good teacher.s

Speak about oldster, makes me cry because I always make my mom feel alarm when I ride my motorcycle so faster. I am the third child of my parent children. I have one brother and one sister. My mother name is Siti Khotijah and my father name is Misni. My parents old around fifty years. And my father job is ex-PNS but now he is a farmer and my mother just a housewife. My brother name is Toto Kurniawan , he is graduate from POLINELA of Lampung, but he still jobless until now and my sister name is Dyah Asnawati. She is from the same university with my brother, but she is work at Great Giant Pineapple factory. She has been married with Tur Budi Setiawan and they have one child, her name is Anisa Asih Safitri. Based on the member of family its called a big family, but I have a problem when my dad go out from his job as a teacher make his sales does not enough to need my family beside my study at University so expensive. Before my dad become ex-PNS, he get values around three million with some subsidy like the money of private at school, the money of worksheet book, but he is just a farmer now. This situation does not make me give up to finish my study at University. Last time, I have a job to write an assignment like a paper of individual or together assignment. I sale it around thirty five thousand rupiahs. And I can collect all of them around two hundred rupiahs, its make me happy, and I always accept a task to finish other my friend assignment. According to me that knowledge is so important to success of life, with them can change our life as better.

The last is my Community. I have a skill in language, and I am interested with the culture . So , I the community is important past of my life. Be I am as a member of ‘ Sanggar Seni Tjap Gerobak’, beside it I want to successful in learning English so I follow of Atlanta Media Prima like a course how to speak English well. I think that I have low experience about human so, I hopes that with my chance to continue my study at foreign country makes me get the biggest experience with some community, amin.

To sum up that life is not easy to get expensive thing, so based on my experience during elementary school until now makes me to increasing motivation for graduated my study at University. I know that my parents feel so heavy to price my education cost as long around 16 years at school, so I do not give up to always study for explore my skill in language. As I know that I am very interested with culture like dance, poem, and speech in English language. With my good habit in daily life to explore my skill in study English Education, I hopes makes my parents proud with me in future.

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