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Writing Essays To Going To The Dentist

Writing A Descriptive Essay On A Visit To The Dentist

Going to the dentist is unpleasant, but necessary. Many children and teenagers are scared of this, and they will refuse to go unless they have a serious problem. For sure you are one of them and you are not a big fan of this situation; that's why writing a descriptive essay on this topic will not be so fun. However, it is an easy subject and you can finish the composition in only a few hours. This kind of essay does not have very strict requirements; you just have to take a look at these guidelines:

  • Don't write the name of your dentist. If you decided to talk about your personal experience, make sure that you do not reveal the name of your dentist or the clinic that you are going to. This can be considered by many as impolite, and you would not want to know that your doctor is talking about you without your consent. Keep everything private for this task.
  • Try to describe a funny experience. As I said, this is never pleasant, but sometimes funny things happen. Besides, some of your classmates can have a phobia for this and you describing pain and torture will not exactly help them. Try to maintain a breezy tone and don't get too serious when you write.
  • Provide interesting details. Everyone knows how a clinic looks, so there is no point in talking about this. Instead, you can discuss about something that they did not see before; maybe a new fascinating device that your physician is using? You can even write how the medicine smells and you thought that a certain mouthwash smells like hamburgers.
  • Introduce some medical terms here and there. This composition is supposed to be easy, but you can make sure that it will really help your classmates. They can learn something new from this, so why waste this chance? If you are talking about a medical condition that you had, try to explain it for them. Maybe it will be useful for them in the future.
  • Talk about your first experience. I bet that this is something that you will never forget; no matter if it was fine or terrible. It happened many years ago, so you can discuss about this without feeling embarrassed. Be honest and don't be scared to express your personality in this composition!

I do not like to visit a dentist. But one day I had a bad toothache. I could not bear the pain so I phoned my dentist, and made an appointment with him.

As I entered his waiting room, I saw many patients. They were all awaiting their turn to go in.

Most of them seemed to be in great pain. Some even had swollen cheeks. I sat on a chair and looked through some magazines as I waited to be called in.

Suddenly I heard a scream from the next room. I became very frightened. I wanted to get up and run back home. But everyone would have laughed at me if I did this. So I kept on sitting.

At last it was my turn to go in. The dentist was kind and gentle. He felt my tooth with his instrument.

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He said that there was a cavity in it. It would have to be filled. Then he took a machine and drilled my tooth. It made unbearable noise. From time to time he made me gargle my mouth with water.

Finally, he filled my tooth with white cement. He then told me to come back after a week to have my tooth filled with silver. I had to pay him eighty rupees for his work.

On my way home I was happy. The pain had gone. I was thankful to the dentist for having taken away the pain.

Now let us take up another subject and think about it. Suppose we are asked to write on ‘My Likes and Dislikes’. The ideas that come to us may be:

People have different tastes-what some like may be disliked by others – my likes – flowers, birds, streams, animals, kind and pleasant people -what I dislike – cruelty, dishonesty, vanity, pride, boastfulness, meanness, miserliness – my likes and dislikes are normal and quite common.

The points for this essay will be people have different tastes – my likes – all beautiful sights and sounds -flowers, birds, green fields, streams, music, hobbies, kind and pleasant People – what I dislike – cruelty – dishonesty and all bad qualities – my likes and dislikes are normal – hope to get what 1 like and avoid what I dislike. With the help of these points we can go on to develop the essay.

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