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Billy Ray Cyrus - "Hope Is Just Ahead"

The National Campaign to Stop Violence (NCSV) and Blue Cadillac Music have entered into an agreement regarding the song, “Hope is Just Ahead” which was recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus. This single communicates a non-political, non-partisan message about violence in this country. In an effort to help our organization with its mission to reduce violence and its impact on the lives of youth, Blue Cadillac Records will be donating a portion of its net from this single to the NCSV. Proceeds received by NCSV will be shared between the national office and our Do the Write Thing participating sites.

The MP3 single "Hope Is Just Ahead" can be downloaded from these sites:

AmazonMP3 | Google Play | iTunes | emusic

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Campaign to Stop Violence and participating Do the Write Thing sites.

The Do the Write Thing Challenge is a national program that unites students all across America. In pursuit of ending youth violence, this incredible program opens the doors of opportunity for middle school students to shed light on the massive impact of youth violence in their lives and throughout their local community. Part of the National Campaign to Stop Violence, the Challenge is the most widespread program in Palm Beach County that tackles youth violence. As the program continues to expand, South Florida students are given a voice to speak out against bullying and the violence that currently plagues the school systems today.

Bill Bone is the chairman of the Do the Write Thing Challenge, playing a vital role in widening the program’s reach as well as pushing the envelope in ways to reduce youth violence in Palm Beach County. Serving as the master of ceremonies for this year’s event, Bill Bone had the pleasure of recognizing student finalists, in addition to the parents and educators who were present at the event.

On May 13, the Do the Write Thing Challenge Luncheon was held at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts to recognize the student finalists and award those excelled in the program, as well as provide a bit of entertainment and education. The luncheon hosted over 850 students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community leaders. Members from the Harlem Globetrotters attended the event to show off their ball handling skills, as well as offer the students guidance and support during their middle school years. In addition, the attendees took part in the viewing of “Numb”, which was composed and produced by the students from the West Palm Beach Youth Empowerment Center audio and visual program, led by Dwayne Taylor.

The 24,111 Palm Beach County middle schools students who were involved in the Do the Write Thing Challenge were able to discuss the impact of youth violence, write essays describing their personal experience with bullying and school violence, and offer suggestions to stopping this serious problem. Of the initial 24,111 students, the 10 best essays from the 28 middle schools who participated where chosen, as well as two independent schools. This process narrowed the finalists down to 282, where the committee then chose the top three essays from the male and female finalists, all of which received cash awards.


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